Do you live in Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

Do you live in wi-fi friendly accommodation? Do you have a flat mate who takes up all the bandwidth? Have to contact your landlord every time the WiFi goes down? It doesn’t need to be like that! Here at Landlord Broadband, our managed internet service includes top quality wifi installations that ensure every member of […]

Good Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation and a Laptop are all that a student needs!

Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation? Students use their laptop for everything these days. From doing work to listening to music, playing games to watching TV. However, a laptop without a strong Wi-Fi signal is like trying to eat soup without a spoon. Find out in our video why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is so important.

As a landlord you need peace of mind that everything is in hand – Wi-Fi Problems

As a landlord you are always on call, some issues can wait….. but what happens when your tenant is having Wi-Fi problems? Find out in this video! TEXT: With ISP’s this could be you, finally relaxing on a Saturday night after a long week, when unexpectedly your phone rings. Your tenants have Wi-Fi problems, The […]

Forget about the boiler, what about the Wi-Fi?!

As a Landlord, the pressure is on you to fix general issues and problem Wi-Fi around your property. Some are more stressful than others for Landlords. Despite this, the one thing that tenants & guests can’t live without is Wi-Fi. Watch the next video to find out. TEXT: Landlord Broadband Presents: #1 Stress Levels – Problem Wi-Fi The […]

What role does reliable Wi-Fi play in the success of your serviced accommodation business?

Do you own serviced accommodation or are you planning on getting into this type of rental market? At this point, with the uncertainty in the private rented sector, it might be worth consideration. There are several tax benefits because these properties come under the category of a furnished holiday let.   Serviced accommodation has high yield […]

Key factors when choosing broadband for a multiple occupancy property

So you bought the fastest advertised broadband in the market….but your tenants still can’t watch a movie without it buffering every 5 minutes. We hear you; we know how hard it is to provide good quality internet for your tenants! Most people believe internet quality is equal to the advertised speed but there are several […]

Five reasons why managed broadband and Wi-Fi represents a cost-effective addition to your rental properties

It’s a question we hear a lot in the rental sector: should letting agents provide broadband and Wi-Fi for their properties? We’ve seen threads on the subject appearing on landlord forums, spoken to letting agents who aren’t sure it’s the most economical decision for the properties they manage, and there still seems to be a […]

Say hello to the new Landlord Broadband website

It’s been a busy few weeks of reviewing designs, spellchecking copy and grappling with the quirks of a new content management system, but it’s all been worth it: the new Landlord Broadband website is now live, and we hope you like it as much as we do. With separate sections for landlords installing internet in […]