In today’s technological world serviced apartments are judged on the quality of their managed internet service. Serviced apartments are establishments frequently dealing with business people whose online needs are often essential, travelers relaxing or simply contacting family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to guests than battling with a problematic Wi-Fi connection. In fact, in a lot of cases having poor Wi-Fi quality and upset customers will negatively affect your hotel’s return on investment (ROI). Therefore internet for serviced accommodation should be a big consideration when thinking about future growth in your business.

Return on investment of a managed internet service

Putting money into your serviced apartments Wi-Fi network may end up being one of the smartest investments you make. Although the cost can initially seem daunting, surveys have shown that Wi-Fi is one of the most important features for guests. If it’s not up to standard and your customers’ expectations, your serviced apartment is at risk of losing important revenue.

Loss of revenue without internet for serviced accommodation

One way to get a clear picture of why a managed internet service is so important is to look at what you stand to lose without it. Having no Wi-Fi service or inconsistent internet for serviced accommodation irritates guests and other potential sources of revenue. Here’s How:

  • Online complaints – The internet is a powerful tool, as are the forums such as TripAdvisor and the reviews on it. If guests are commenting negatively on your hotel’s managed internet service, you may lose bookings to other apartments with good Wi-Fi reviews.
  • Fees lost – If a guests stay is ruined due to a negative experience (such as crashing Wi-Fi), it’s likely they will want their money back.
  • Repeat customers – Returning guests are essential to a serviced accommodation business. Poor experiences, even with something that seems as insignificant as Wi-Fi, can prevent customers coming back to stay.
  • Technical fault at night? – It costs when you have to call in technical support. With our service your guests will receive fast, reliable, unrestricted internet access and a ‘no Wi-Fi dead zone’ guarantee. No to mention our 24/7 responsive helpdesk support from our UK-based team.  This means no late night help calls and time saved to focus on your business. In the event something does happen you have our dedicated support to ensure you’re down time is minimal.

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