Why Wi-Fi for new developments? According to a recent report by The Guardian, property prices in the UK dropped by 3.1% last April. With the prospect of owning property out of reach for millions in the UK, renting has become a viable option. It allows tenants and guests to save money, whilst also living independently. However, in order to reduce void tenancy periods, landlords and property managers must still make their properties as attractive as possible. One easy way to do this is by including Wi-Fi installations for new developments.

The Importance of Wi-Fi for new developments

There are many amenities that tenants look for when buying a home. A certain number of bedrooms, good sized kitchen, a garage etc. Increasingly though, tenants are looking for Wi-Fi to be included in their rental package. It can seem like an extra hassle for property managers and landlords to have to include internet for new developments, however, the pay off for doing so is very rewarding. Wi-Fi adds value to the property meaning you tenants get more for their money.

Internet for new developments and Wi-Fi for new developments

How we can help!

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-quality Wi-Fi for new developments. Unlike other internet providers, we provide a fully managed internet service. There is no hassle for the landlord or property manager. With a 24/7 helpline accessible to tenants and guests we are always on hand to resolve any issues. What’s more, we offer full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of bandwidth to all guest devices, meaning that tenants and guests are satisfied with the premium service they are receiving.

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