The best Wi-Fi for students

We use the internet for everything. From streaming music to watching films. That’s is why as a student it is crucial to have the best Wi-Fi for students – Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation! Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is a managed internet service that guarantees you an equal share of bandwidth for all your devices.

What do you use your Wi-Fi for?

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Posted by Landlord Broadband on Sunday, 14 January 2018

We connect multiple devices to our Wi-Fi everyday. Do you find yourself streaming your favorite music on your ipod, while doing some work on your laptop, and of course procrastinating on your phone by scrolling through Facebook. Perhaps instead you are chilling out and watching netflix on your smart TV, while googling the name of the lead actor or actress that has just caught your eye. What nightmare it would be if it all just stopped due to a poor internet provider. That is why the best Wi-Fi for students is our managed internet service. It makes sure that you’re always connected.

PS4 connected to Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation a managed internet service and the best Wi-Fi for students.

A managed internet service

There are a few things that make Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation service the best Wi-Fi for students. Unlike other providers of broadband, Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is a managed internet service. This means that is it monitored by our team 24/7/365. Because we offer a managed internet service we are able to guarantee a 99% up-time to your network. If there ever is a problem in most cases we will have fixed it before you even notice. With an equal share of bandwidth to all your connected devices, you don’t have to worry about your housemate stealing all the internet. What’s more, we provide a full bar service to all the rooms in your house so you can stay connected wherever you are.

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