According to ‘Our Property’ a Housing Association is a not-for-profit organisation which owns, lets and manages rental housing. Housing associations promote social inclusion, yet digital inclusion and Internet access for social housing has taken it’s time to break through into the housing association market. Housing association Wi-Fi could bring social inclusion, educational benefits, jobs and a new way of managing finances.

Digital inclusion is the new social inclusion.

The government says Digital inclusion is about having the access, skills and motivation to confidently go online to access the opportunities of the internet. Housing association Wi-Fi on one level brings social inclusion but it also brings educational inclusion, financial access and many other tools to help people on a low income.

Social inclusion 

Having access to social media and keeping up to date with the ever changing online landscape is a huge part of internet access for social housing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help people feel included at times when in reality they are struggling financially or socially.

Education and Job Hunting

Using the internet to look for a job reduces unemployment time by 25% according to The Centre for Digital Inclusion. In addition to this basic services and essential goods – such as education, employment, commerce, and social interaction – are accessible through ICT or internet platforms. The potential for these technologies to aid in positive social impact is high. However, the reality is that many individuals, and even whole communities, are overlooked, forgotten, or excluded. This further proves why housing association Wi-Fi is a necessity for social inclusion.


Lastly financial reasons are a large part of why people find themselves in social housing. Internet access for social housing gives way to Online banking, and  budgeting apps such as Wally. This can help them to manage their money and find their way out of social housing.


But what about the extra cost? Read our article here to find out why Wi-Fi in social housing might not be as expensive as you think.