Hassle free Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

Nobody likes extra hassle when moving into a new home. Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation will put your Wi-Fi worries at ease providing reliable Wi-Fi without contracts.

#WifiFriendlyAccommodation – hassle free Wi-Fi!

Is #Wifi included in your tenancy? Ask your landlord or letting agent for #WifiFriendlyAccommodation!

Posted by Landlord Broadband on Saturday, 20 January 2018

The life of a tenant can be daunting. There are so many contracts to read and sign, most of which are in vague and confusing language that even the brightest of us cannot understand. Not only do you have to have endless conversations with landlords and letting agents, but in some cases you even have to sort out your own facilities. Gas, electricity, television, and of course Wi-Fi. Annoyingly, without the latter amenity, it can prove difficult to research the former ones. You may find yourself frantically searching around for the best deal, becoming stressed about whether you’ll be getting the best service – it is the last thing you want to worry about when you are moving into a new property. You may find yourself wondering, ‘Is there a better way?’. Thankfully, this is where Landlord Broadband comes in. The answer to your question is yes! There is a simpler way to find the right Wi-Fi, and in actual fact the best Wi-Fi already comes included with your letting agreement.

An easier internet solution

Unlike most internet providers, Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation offers you Wi-Fi without contracts. That’s because our Wi-Fi is included in your tenancy. Your landlord or letting agent will take the liberty of provinding you with an excellent Wi-Fi service, meaning you do not have to scour around for the best deal. Wi-Fi is one worry that you can put out of your mind. Simply walk into your rented accommodation, enter the password, and you are online. It is a simple, easy solution. Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, the best Wi-Fi without contracts.

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