The national need for build to rent

Right now, investment in the UK build to rent sector is growing steadily. The country is suffering from a major housing crisis. Build to rent houses are becoming a much-needed option for the people of Britain. Investment in the build to rent sector has increased dramatically up and down the country. What’s more, the recent UK government announced that it will jointly invest 1 billion pounds with Barclays bank in a UK housing fund will come as a piece of good news to those in the construction industry. However, as the levels of build to rent construction has increased around the UK, it has become evident that there are not enough specialised workers meeting construction demands. The Federation of Master Builders recently announced that over two-thirds of construction firms are struggling to hire specialised workers. That is why it is more important than ever that construction companies complete they’re specifications as quickly as possible. They can then use the few specialised workers they do have to complete as many constructions as possible.


Time is a key element particularly in the build to rent sector but unfortunately, there are some aspects of the construction that contractors have no control over. The installation of much-needed amenities such as gas, Wi-Fi and electricity often have to be completed through a sub-contractor and can cause substantial delays in the completion of a project.

build to rent broadband for new developments

How we can help!

Landlord Broadband offers the unique service of providing high-quality broadband for new developments. What’s more, we pride ourselves on delivering broadband for new developments on time and to a budget. Unlike other internet providers, we tailor our WiFi installations to the individual developer’s needs. This allows us to fulfil certain guarantees for the Wi-Fi provided. We offer full coverage throughout the property and an equal share of bandwidth to all guest devices.

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