Warning: Wi-Fi dead zones in your home


No Wifi Dead-zones

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Posted by Landlord Broadband on Sunday, 4 February 2018

Beware… there is a widespread rise of routers that are hostile to human life. They are engaging in a general assault on civilization. It appears that Wi-Fi dead zones are infecting the population in their most beloved native environment  – the home. Plaguing houses, apartments and the workplace, poor Wi-Fi coverage is leaving the pubic mourning for their once-innovative and productive lives. In most houses across the country, Wi-Fi signal is said to remain strong when in close proximity to the router. However, upon moving further away to locations such as the office or the bedroom, the Wi-Fi signal drops entirely. It seems our worst fears have been realised! But don’t panic just yet, there is an antidote to these Wi-Fi dead zones – Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation!

Girl without Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation experiencing dead zones.

If you believe yourself or anyone else to be experiencing the problems talked about in the above passage or video, please read carefully the following remedy.

Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation: The cure for all Wi-Fi dead zones.

Get out of bed and dry away your tears. Thankfully, there is a solution to all your Wi-Fi worries. Unlike, other internet providers, Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is able to guarantee full signal coverage throughout your entire property. This means that you can surf the web from your basement to your loft. More importantly, however, it means that you no longer have to battle with the Wi-Fi dead zone epidemic! Not only will Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation alleviate your Wi-Fi dead zone pain, but it also has a 24/7/365 support line in case you have any worries or issues.

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