How can you start the digital transformation process?

Digital transformation in housing associations can often start with the question of ‘where and how do we start?’ How about starting at the end? What’s most important to your main stakeholders, your tenants? Have you segmented and profiled them to understand and respond to their property technology needs appropriately? Most importantly picking the right smart property management technology for your social housing broadband is crucial and can range from smart heating to smart security. With so many systems available, the options are endless.

The cost of digital transformation

Digital transformation in housing associations does not have to mean heavy investment with difficult-to-measure returns. Quite the contrary, the nature of data – and therefore digital – provides more measurements and analytics than silo processes will ever provide. You don’t have to take giant leaps. Small ‘byte’ size, agile steps are a start in the right direction.  Furthermore, when you know what you want to start with, get the right people involved in getting you there. (Give us a call, we’d be happy to help)!

Technology of the future

There’s been a lot of talk about the right way to invest in PropTech. This right technology can address ‘pain points’ property professionals face on a daily basis. The battle to work smarter and be freed up to deliver value-added activity is one of the largest PropTech areas. With 3d printing, online portals and numerous other technologies opening up the housing sector to PropTech, real estate businesses are embracing digital transformation. Consequently they are disrupting and improving the way residential and commercial property is bought, sold, rented, designed, built and managed. According to Property Week’s 2018 Power of PropTech survey, almost half (49%) of property market professionals said they have already built a digital road-map. This, certainly will help their business move towards digital transformation.

From using geo-mapping and component mapping to using PropTech to manage heating controls and damp. Digital transformations in housing associations have the potential to transform lives.

What  we do

In the propositions department we are growing closer to the delivery of smart property management devices. This will allow housing sector landlords and property organisations to save energy by remotely managing their portfolio. We plan to deliver these products in the next month. We are very excited about their potential to allow landlords to systemise their businesses and furthermore curb excessive energy usage! In our final round of testing we have confirmed their ability to reduce gas consumption in the home with minimal impact on the tenant experience.  So far, our innovative products can: remotely monitor and control a property. They can control a portfolio and most noteworthy, limit excessive energy use by tenants and guests. This is possible through automatically disabling heating and hot water during non-occupancy periods. Social housing broadband is our forte and we can’t wait to expand this into the PropTech sphere.

Keep your eyes out for the next couple of weeks as we begin the big reveal to our PropTech launch. Alternatively,  discuss a project with us here.