It goes without saying that the last three months have been strange for all of us and everybody everywhere has had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Luckily, here at Landlord Broadband, it’s mostly been business as usual, thanks to our hugely adaptable team, and our large online resource network. Our team works mostly online, so it has been easy for us to change our systems to fit with government guidelines to work from home. More recently, we’ve even been able to resume the completion of all of our wifi installations. Of course, there have been changes across all of our customer markets, and we are working to accommodate for these within all departments, although it’s difficult to say when all will return to normal!


Wi-Fi has become an invaluable resource to most, and Landlord Broadband has been keeping you connected throughout the lockdown. For this reason, the team joined together to complete a range of activities to keep us connected (aside from Zoom meetings, of course!). My personal favourite was the #555 Challenge, in which we completed 5km+ of exercise, donated £5 to the NHS, and nominated the rest of the team to do the same. Members of the team with children have shared photos of rainbows in their windows. This was done to support the NHS, meanwhile adding colour to all of our newsfeeds! We also showed support for Captain Tom Moore, and gave you an insight into our lives, working from home! We also donated money to York Scrubs: an initiative to ensure that York Hospital had sufficient PPE during the peak of the virus.







Wi-Fi Installations

With the gradual easing of lockdown measures, we’ve returned to completing our professional wifi installations, with only a few restrictions to ensure the safety of both you and our engineers. These include providing our engineers with masks and sanitiser, asking them to sanitise areas they have been working in and socially distance from tenants where possible. Before completing a wifi installation in your property, they will also call you to ensure that nobody in the house is self-isolating or has flu-like symptoms.

Our customer markets

Across all of our customer markets, people have faced difficulties and some are still getting back to normal. Landlords have faced the challenges that come with eviction bans, rent holidays and a possible decline in the demand for student homes. However, the rental market is back open and the sector is beginning to bounce back, with an 82% increase in the demand for rental homes since April. Letting agents had to adapt to the lockdown, so moved viewings, identity verification and the majority of other services online. Due to their efficiency, a lot of these changes are here to stay! Additionally, letting agents are likely to be key in helping landlords deal with the after-effects of Coronavirus.

The astronomical rise in reliance on technology during the lockdown has raised issues relating to digital inclusion, particularly in social housing, with many children behind on school work, or adults unable to work from home. This is a primary concern for Landlord Broadband. Absence rates within housing associations are now returning to normal, however, and most have sufficient access to PPE. Where possible, most social housing providers have turned to remote working. COVID-19 has largely put a halt on business within the serviced accommodation industry, as travel was restricted, and people had to stay in their own homes.

Serviced Accommodation has been integral in housing key workers during the coronavirus crisis and a lot of the rooms used have been provided free of charge, or at a discounted rate as thanks for service. There has been a significant loss of revenue across the industry, with companies like Airbnb being forced to slash jobs and get rid of properties, however, things are looking up, as this sector is due to reopen on 4th July!

Student blocks have been significantly affected by Coronavirus, as many students have moved back home after contracts were ended and rent payments cancelled. The disruption to student life next year as a result of COVID-19 is as yet unknown, with many students choosing to defer places at university to get the ‘full student experience’. This could mean a lower occupancy rate in student blocks, and therefore a significant loss of profits for student block operators.

How can Landlord Broadband help?

As we have been throughout the lockdown, Landlord Broadband is here to do whatever we can to keep you connected. Our 24/7 customer service continued throughout this period and we have been able to ensure that all of your needs were seen to.

With our proceedings now completely back to normal, our engineers are available to complete our professional wifi installations, to give you access to our commercial-grade Wi-Fi, and a no dead-zone guarantee, to ensure fast, reliable broadband for all of your tenants.


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