Is Having the Best Wifi for a serviced apartment the key to success?

WiFi, is an ever growing market with more and more demand for it. From Trump trying to nationalise it and millennials relying on it, here are the reasons why having the best WiFi for serviced accommodation / A serviced apartment will unlock success for you. What’s more important, free breakfast or free Wi-Fi? A new […]

A Modern Christmas Carol

The connection was dead to begin with. Let me introduce to you the ghost of Christmas past. Wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life he decided to take an extended vacation, in the far reaches of the country. His days aren’t filled with sullen shoppers or road trips around a […]

Do you live in Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

If you don’t live in Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation, you’re missing out. Check out this video to learn the benefits of Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation and why you need it. Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation?

Good Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation and a Laptop are all that a student needs!

Why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation? Students use their laptop for everything these days. From doing work to listening to music, playing games to watching TV. However, a laptop without a strong Wi-Fi signal is like trying to eat soup without a spoon. Find out in our video why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation is so important.