3 ways Wi-Fi can add value to New Developments or Refurbishments

Are you a current property owner, thinking about starting a new development project or are refurbishing a development? Then this article laying out the 3 ways Wi-Fi in new developments can add value is worth a read. In short, Wi-Fi will add value to your property and bring it into the future giving it longevity. […]

Can broadband and Wi-Fi help the construction industry?

Wi-Fi for New developments Are you a developer, a contractor or a mechanical and electrical engineer? Are you planning to construct a new development? Have you a building you wish to refurbish or are you planning to convert a commercial unit into a residential one?  Yes, great! Next question: Are you planning to include Wi-Fi […]

Key factors when choosing broadband for a multiple occupancy property

So you bought the fastest advertised broadband in the market….but your tenants still can’t watch a movie without it buffering every 5 minutes. We hear you; we know how hard it is to provide good quality internet for your tenants! Most people believe internet quality is equal to the advertised speed but there are several […]