Should You Provide Internet to Tenants?

Are you a student landlord deciding whether to provide internet to tenants? The decision to provide internet to tenants is a tricky one often fraught with questions; is it worth the financial investment? Above all, what benefit could providing internet access have for you? Providing internet for tenants could encourage existing tenants to stay for […]

Managed Internet Access

The internet is a great thing. It allows you to connect, interact, discover and explore. It can also be a tool, to better your self, your goals, and more relevantly, your properties! The decision to include Wi-Fi throughout your property portfolio and to provide internet access to tenants is often a beneficial one – it […]

Wi-Fi Related Marketing – a Day in the Life

The Internet of Things (IoT) I hope everyone reading this is enjoying their summer as much as I have been doing! This summer I have been studying at Seoul National University, in South Korea.  A country widely hailed as one of the most technologically innovative in the world. I found evidence for this as soon as […]

Why is super-fast Wi-Fi essential to your property’s success?

Wi-Fi for Landlords is the key to attracting and retaining tenants If you choose to offer Internet it will be available to tenants immediately upon move-in. By offering Internet and Wi-Fi, your access points will already be mounted and Ethernet ports pre-installed. Tenants will appreciate not having to book an appointment with an internet company and […]

Investing in a Serviced Apartment Managed Internet Service Provider

In today’s digital world serviced apartments are judged on the quality of their managed internet service. Serviced apartments often deal with business people who have demanding online needs or travelers who wish to relax or contact their family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to guests than having to battle with a poor Wi-Fi connection. […]

Productive construction technology!

When working on any project in a time pressure environment, productivity is key. According to a recent study by Intergraph, thirty-five percent of construction projects will incur a major change order their construction lifetime. This cause great frustration among contractors. It can also lead to a waste of time and money. That’s why we have […]

Should Housing Associations Provide Internet Access for Social Housing Tenants?   

Internet Access for Social Housing Tenants Infrastructure is only the start for housing associations wanting to provide internet access. The necessity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and internet access for social housing tenants is growing rapidly. For registered social landlords, implementing digital inclusion strategies and getting the right infrastructure in place is vital. Finding […]

Internet for Build To Rent and IoT Technology

Are you a developer, a contractor or a mechanical and electrical engineer? Are you planning to construct a new development?  Yes, great! Next question: Are you planning to include broadband for new build properties? Your answer may be no, however, internet usage is increasing all the time, alongside The Internet of Things and IoT technology. […]

A solution for when your rented Wi-Fi is not working!

When the rented Wi-Fi is not working… Your eyes sting and your eyelids rock back and forth. The dim light in front of you is the only thing keeping you awake. It is 3 am and you are giving your essay one last read before submission. You slowly trace the lines on the page until […]

Best Internet for Short Term Lets

Do you want to know what the best internet for short term lets is? Landlord Broadband has the answer. Sound familiar? “Can you hear me?” “Your voice is sounding very robotic” “Sorry I can’t quite hear what you are saying” “Now you’ve frozen all together” There will be some of you reading this who know […]