The Problem: Providing high quality Wi-Fi in complex properties

Landlord Broadband were contacted to tackle the Wi-Fi in a tall Georgian property in central London. Naturally, these properties come with all kinds of Wi-Fi problems due to their structure and building materials. The age and layout of this particular building meant that installing the data cabling was hugely challenging, especially when Wi-Fi was needed for twelve flats across five floors. Of course, this was nothing that Landlord Broadband’s Wi-Fi retro-fit installations couldn’t fix!

A bespoke retro-fit Wi-Fi Installation was necessary to ensure that there was bandwidth for up to 60 wireless devices.

What was required for the property?

  • -67 dBm Wi-Fi signal to all tenanted areas in the property
  • A secure, roaming Wi-Fi connection throughout the whole building
  • Sufficient capacity to accommodate users working from home, video calling, streaming and online gaming

The Solution

A Retro-Fit Wi-Fi Installation, before which we assessed the proposed Access Point locations by testing the performance & coverage to ensure that there are sufficient devices throughout.

Our experts created and tested a bespoke Wi-Fi design on our state-of-the-art software, then, we completed the installation of the network & Wi-Fi equipment. Our installation involved:

  • Conferring with the client, so we really understood their needs. This involved a site survey and a Wi-Fi design being created using the floor plans. Our design work involved testing multiple Wi-Fi access point locations throughout the property, then, assessing cable routes and creating Wi-Fi heatmaps to ensure that all tenants have access to reliable Wi-Fi. This means hassle-free property management for the landlord.
  • The next step was the installation itself where we:
  • Set up the network cabinet to house the main router and network switch neatly, which is especially useful for larger installations.
  • This was followed by installing, terminating & testing 11 data cables, so we could ensure that all infrastructure met our standards.
  • After this, we mounted the Wi-Fi access points into their dedicated locations. This ensured that all tenants had a robust and reliable service in all rooms and no dead-zones throughout the property, which means less hassle for both the tenant and the landlord!
  • Finally, we configured the Wi-Fi network and carried out final testing from all areas, to ensure there were no hiccups, and that tenants could get online as soon as possible.
  • Then, tenants were able to access the network simply through the log on details that we had provided. Truly Wi-Fi Friendly accommodation!

The Result

Our specialised retro-fit Wi-Fi decreases hassle! Through our 24/7/365 Tenant Support Desk and nationwide network of engineers, both on hand to help in the (unlikely) event of problems. We also ensured a seamless roaming Wi-Fi service, additionally, a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection to all 12 flats allow users to simultaneously video call, game, work from home & stream.


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