Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation

Nobody wants to be limited by a data cap. That’s why Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation offers you unlimited data, making it the best Wi-Fi for students. It can hand all your electronic devices, from Laptops to smart televisions. Unlimited student Wi-Fi mean unlimited amounts of fun!

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Unlimited data

We know that the best #Wifi for #Students is one with unlimited data – #WifiFriendlyAccommodation!

Posted by Landlord Broadband on Friday, 2 March 2018

We make Wi-Fi work for you

Landlord Broadband specialises in delivering fast, hassle-free internet access for multiple occupancy properties turning them into ‘Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation’ . A specialist business-to-business provider, our network has been purpose built to cope with the internet demands in shared housing and our fully managed internet services will save you valuable time. We focus on engineering and technology and we like to think that we are the industry experts in this area.

Is your existing broadband performing as well as it could be across your portfolio?

  • Helping increase rental yield/reduce voids
  • Single portfolio bill
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Wi-Fi in every rental room
  • 24/7/365 UK based tenant support
  • ‘Wi-Fi no dead zone’ guarantee
  • 8 point hassle-free service guarantee
  • ‘No trip hazard’ guarantee
  • Protection against tenant misuse
  • Champions of Wi-Fi friendly accommodation

Are you a tenant or guest? Request Wi-Fi Friendly Accommodation here.

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